Here at rascal's we have 11 staff, each member of staff is qualified and attends the relevent training courses. The nursery is run by manager Amanda Welton who has over 10 years experiance in childcare. We have a variety of resourses to meet the needs of every age range, each room is bright and spacious for the children to learn and play. We follow the EYFS planning and keep rascal's journeys to document their progress.                                 

All our rooms are bright and spacious ready for children of all ages to learn and have fun.


Sunbeams room 0-2yrs

Our baby room has a separate sleep area for comfort and quiet when sleeping. We can have a maximum of 6 babies per session and there will be two members of staff. The babies will have time outside every day.   


Panda room 2-3yrs

Our toddlers have a spacious and fun environment to play and explore in. We can have a maximum of 10 children per session and 3 members of staff. They will have access to the outside area throughout the day.

Starfish room 3-4yrs

Our pre-school room has two rooms and access to the garden throughout the day. The children will be encouraged to be independent and work together. We have a maximum of 19 children and will have 4 members of staff spread over the two rooms.






We have a trained cook on the premises who will make fresh home cooked meals for the children to enjoy.

Breakfast: cereals, toast, crumpets etc

Snacks am: Fresh fruit, crackers, cheese, bread sticks etc

Lunch: Fish pie, Spaghetti bolognase, Roast dinner etc

Snack pm: Fresh Fruit, crackers, cheese, bread sticks etc

Tea: Jacket potato and beans, selection of sandwiches, hot dogs etc

Opening times: 8.00 till 17.30

Session times: 8.00 till 13.00 and 13.00 till 17.30

Price per session: £20